Acura Previews TLX Type S With Monterey-Bound “Type S” Concept

Acura is looking for a true must-buy hit for its customers. While the MDX and RDX crossovers are doing their part to help support the brand as a whole, the Japanese luxury car maker aims to regain some of the enthusiast credibility that it once had with models such as the Integra Type R, TSX, and even the Acura TL. One step in this grand plan is reviving the Type S badge, with the “Type S” concept providing a compelling glimpse into what the return of this storied badge can bring to customers.

The exterior styling of the Type S concept looks stunning, and the stylish elegance that is baked into the design helps give it a unique identity. Everything here is beautifully executed, with even Acura’s “Diamond Pentagon” grille nicely integrated into the broader look. There’s a strong A7 influence in the design, and its resemblance to the TLX is no accident, since this concept could be considered a very early preview of the next generation TLX (perhaps in a future Type S guise.) We are especially fans of the bold blue color that Acura chose to adorn the concept with. Dubbed “Double Apex Blue Pearl” Acura claims that the color is supposed to be similar to a hue that was offered on the 2007-2008 TL Type S, and it looks very vivid and distinctive here in this application. The head and taillight designs are expected to be carried over to the production model, albeit with minor tweaks made to satisfy safety and production challenges.

The interior of the Type S concept still remains veiled behind its heavily tinted windows, but we suspect that the longer proportions will play a big role in enhancing overall front and rear legroom for occupants, while its enhanced technology will certainly help the TLX raise its game both in terms of luxury and refinement.

Performance hardware for the next generation TLX is also largely speculative at this point, but the Type S could utilize a turbocharged V6, which would allow the car to be on par with rivals such as the BMW 3 Series, and even bring it within striking distance of several other competing entries. While the current TLX utilizes a transversely mounted engine, the concept’s proportions, as well as Acura’s obvious attempts at improving its axle to dash ratio seems to suggest that the company could switch out this long standing format in lieu of a longitudinally mounted engine layout, which has rapidly become a staple of the current luxury car scene. As for transmissions, the decline of the manual as a viable transmission offering is hard to ignore at this point, and we suspect that Acura will make the Type S an automatic only affair to help maximize the amount of performance that the engine can deliver to the road.


Acura has not formally confirmed a time table for the introduction of the next generation TLX, but the appearance of the Type S concept suggests that the car could make its appearance in showrooms as early as the 2021 model year. If the next generation TLX carries over enough of the concept’s stunning good looks and equally abundant levels of charisma, it might just have what it takes to help stand out from its SUV stablemates, and even draw a few sales away from these decidedly utility focused offerings in the process.

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