Ford Teases Hardcore Version Of GT Ahead of Goodwood

We like a good surprise here at the office, and after Ford finally revealed the official performance numbers for the 2020 GT500 Shelby Mustang (our jaws still have not left the ground.) The Blue Oval has revealed the ultimate party favor for those still wanting a bit more from Ford Performance, a compelling tease of an all new variant of its seductively potent GT supercar.


Exactly what it brings to the table is still a mystery, but it’s obvious that this is not just another limited edition model with a snazzy paint job. The shadowy teaser image Ford released keeps all the key details under wraps, but the massive rear wing and the roof scoop suggests that we could possibly be looking at a road going off shoot of the GT LM GTE Pro Racer. With the FIA World Endurance Championship sharing more details surrounding the sucessor to the LMP1 car class, this entry could be Ford’s way of complying with the hypercar regulations regarding the firm building a limited number of road going models to be granted entry.

Aston Martin and Toyota are already planning road going versions of the Valkyrie and GR Super Sport to comply with the rules, and this subtle teaser could indicate that Ford is looking to enter the fray to try and stake its claim on the Endurance Racing Championship.


Another theory is that this could be a meaner road only version, with select elements from the GTE Pro being tacked on for better performance and aerodynamics. The last limited edition GT focused on weight savings, with increased aero and power not part of the menu. Either way, expect the engine (arguably the heart of this track focused beast) to be lightly tweaked, but not radically revamped for that particular model.


Eager buyers won’t have to wait very long for it to appear, with Ford planning to unveil the car at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 4th. When it does make its debut, the bespoke two door will share the stage with the 2020 Shelby GT500, and the slick but sadly not for the U.S. Focus ST. The latter two are making their debut in the U.K. market, and sharing the stage with the new GT variant will certainly allow them to make a much more noticeable impact in the eyes of consumers.

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