2018 Apollo INTENSA EMOZIONE – Shockingly Cut Hypercar is Chiron Killer

Here is a hypercar that makes the McLaren 720S look like a Geo Metro.

The Lykan Hypersport is a Kia Sephia beside this new Apollo.

The new Apollo Intensa Emozione is the most breathtakingly fresh design of the decade.

Hypercar hyperbole?

Tell that to the carved, deconstructed bodywork.  The razor-sharp slices of carbon fiber on the slashed flanks.  A place where LaFerrari and Regera are just blobs of metal (*carbon).

This new Apollo IE honestly makes this author weak in the knees.  Even its naked tub chassis.

Brilliant for the ultra-low-volume Apollo (in its new gen of management) to leverage the possibilities to just go WILD.

Screw crash testing and NHTSA.  Make it legendary first.

If the performance is anywhere near the looks of this Intensa Emozione… we are all in for quite a treat.  This is a touchstone design achievement.

780 natural horsepower and 2-Gs of cornering force are promised and mouthwatering.

Just ten are to be made, with a base price of 2.3M Euro.  Sales opened and closed today.


2018 Apollo INTENSA EMOZIONE – Shockingly Cut Hypercar is Chiron Killer

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