2017 McLaren Ultimate Vision GT for PS4 Gran Turismo Sport is GO

Always exciting to see a Vision Gran Turismo concept car come to life!  This one is official and is McLaren’s first virtual racer.  It enters the GT Sport universe as a ferocious AWD hybrid hypercar.

V8TT to the back wheels and in-hub electric motors at the front channel a max of 1150HP and 1275 pound-feet of torque.  The trick power delivery and aero were specifically designed to ace a set of racing physics parameters — and will make this a hero car for those who race it in the game.

The McLaren Ultimate VGT has a few unique design elements for its 2030 brief.  This mostly means stripping and slimming the passenger compartment in half.  The front lower bodywork is all open around the suspension mounts and semi-floating front fenders.  The same extreme, one-seater teardrop passenger cell lets the rear bodysides be all intakes and cooling ductwork.  It sure looks like there is no room for the driver’s legs, yes?  There is a reason for that.  The rider is sat in the center atop a saddle mount.  Head and arms forward, but stomach down and knees bent with feet behind you.  Freaky fast, apparently.  Not clear how the pedal operation is at that angle, but players won’t have to worry.

A rear wing with outsized rear uprights looks suitably race-winning.

A nice way to explore a rear wing even wilder than P1 GTR – and may preview a future McLaren racer or road-going hypercar.

Semi-shrouded hubs and turbine spokes for the wheels are an interesting and exciting design flourish on the stupid-fast look of the McLaren Ultimate VGT.

As a final note, it is great to see the Sony and PS4 special Gran Turismo Sport is getting in on the VGT action.  This is the first official car for what we hope is a new round of hypercar fantasies from various car brands over the next few years.

Check out the launch video and photoset below — and get GT Sport when it comes out 10.17.17!


2017 McLaren Ultimate Vision GT for PS4 Gran Turismo Sport

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