Design Talent Showcase – The Most Expensive Cars: Budget Edition – By Aksyonov Nikita

Oh the joys of steelies!~

Stamped steel wheels were the lifeblood of the car business for its first century.  They were cheap to produce, cheap to fix and stronger than most potholes.  Sure, they weighed a metric tonne each.  And this made handling bouncy or soggy in feel for drivers.

What is today’s most expensive rides swapped their magnesium, titanium-alloy, carbon-fiber or forged aluminum for steel wheels?

No hubcaps allowed, but we’ll maintain the 20-inch sizes on many of these OEM exotics.  Chiron, Regera, Superfast and more — all rolling on iron steamrollers.

What else is Nikita up to?

Vulcan Roadster!

Check out his Behance profile here.

The Most Expensive Cars – Budget Edition – By Aksyonov Nikita

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