Concept Flashback – 1997 Alfa Romeo Scighera is Mid-Engine Twin-Turbo V6 Hypercar

Whenever I want to learn about a concept car I’ve never seen before, the year is always the first place to start.

It helps tell the environment in which the car was designed – the competitive set, and what the cars from the following few years did with the influence.

Pure fantasy comes to life with the Alfa-Romeo Scighera – pronounced ‘Shi-gera’ – via the rear-engine platform, active aerodynamics in the side slats and rear wing, as well as LED lighting front and rear.

The cockpit itself is also quite decadent, with huge buckets in Connolly leather and an adjustable steering column. The Scighera’s side slats behind the cabin open and close as needed to bent the big engine, while the entire rear wing becomes an LED light car under braking.

The top section of the spoiler also moves as needed for aerodynamic stability or downforce — making this car a vanguard for tech that would appear on the Lamborghini Murcielago and Bugatti Veyron just a few years later.

It might not be gorgeous and carved via today’s eyes — but keep the context of hyper-curved cars in mind, and the Scighera has a beauty all its own.

1997 Alfa Romeo Scighera


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