Update1 Meet the Nissan Frontier Baja 1000 Upgrade from Fiberwerx – Best $1400 Nose and Fender Mods Ever?

Update from Josh Campbell, owner of this beast!

Shipping and painting were both about $500 each, and the install was done by him in about one day. This requires some heavy/huge wrenches, as well as knowledge about bodywork repair — but can theoretically be done on a DIY basis for most guys.

He said the most time was spent fabricating mounts for the new Titan headlamps as well as the hood mounting pins. Great results overall!

A new high in lifted trucks?

A new low in my automotive writing career? We saw this amazing Nissan Frontier on the way home today and could not help following Mr. Campbell for miles and miles to ask if we could photograph his truck.

Not only is it not a Frontier from the front — it is barely a Frontier whatsoever these days! Modified with a Titan front suspension, lift kit and Fiberwerx bodywork — Campbell’s Frontier looks ready for Baja 1000 to the latest Chilean Dakar route — and back.

It is magnificent on the road at speed, and a do-able mod for most guys. The Frontier and Titan share many design dimensions, but width and track are not among them. These bolt-on mods are by far the most convincing lift kit we have seen in our three months living in South Carolina — where lifted trucks are as popular as baggy plaid shirts and skinny jeans on the Bourbon-Street-meets-Park-Ave of downtown Charleston.

Big thanks to Mr. Campbell for not being totally freaked out by a Subaru pacing him on the road, and being so cool about the photos once stationary.


This hood comes as a one-piece replacement for the factory fenders and the entire nose bodywork, while the rear pieces replace the stock bed with something so lurid it looks right off a true Baja prototype.

The bodywork is only 1/3 of the battle, however — as the suspension and wheel/tire package are needed to fully recreate Campbell’s awesome ~2008 Nissan Frontier.

Our next upgrade if this were our Frontier? Debadge the rear of the truck, then perhaps even a supercharger kit from the Xterra of the same 3.3-liter displacement!

 How does this compare with our GT-R Dakar render?



All the details of the parts are available here from Fiberwerx. Note: shipping and painting these enormous parts cannot be cheap!



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