Range Rover Asks: Wanna Play? #IamDriven #Contest

There is a new Cayenne killer on Madison Avenue.


U.S. Range Rover fans now have a chance at the lofty life in a 2014 Range Rover Sport via a social media contest requesting four videos or photos of a wild, driven individual.

This theme carries across the “Driven” launch themes that will accompany the new RRS’s arrival stateside later this year.

The clever and playful #IamDriven social media challenge promises a fun and down-to-earth next step in the globetrotting launch roll-out so far this year.

Highlights have included a drag race on an unpaved airstrip vs a Spitfire Supermarine fighter, a record-setting storm up to the $14,110-foot summit of Pikes Peak National Park, and even a special-effects-laced car chase with Daniel Craig at the wheel in lower Manhattan.

Not exactly… salt-of-the-Earth-type public outreaches. Then again, the latest seven-seat RRS is no common work truck either.

2014 Range Rover Sport Is – Actually – 100% New

While conservatively re-profiled outside, all the new action is under-neith and inside. If the previous RRS was more like a wide and squat Discovery LR4 in how it drove, the new car is far more like a chop-top Range Rover proper.

Sliding in with pricing about $10,000 above the previous entry levels, the new trucks bring all-new engines, technology, and performance in every realm of consideration.

So, What is the Prize? No, it is not your own RRS.

But it is time spent doing all the things Range Rover Sports do best: rorting and snorting up the PCH and in the trails all over the world.

Old Coast Road to Big Sur

@LandRoverUSA #IamDriven #Contest

One lucky individual will win a trip to drive the all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport on a 5-star adventure in Carmel California.

Here is hoping that the Old Trail to Big Sur National Park is on the agenda.

#IamDriven #Contest Rules:

Tweet or Post to @LandRoverUSA with pics and videos of how cool your driving adventures are. Or how cool you want them to be? You decide.

But you must: click through to their brand page to accept the standard contest rules.


  • #Contest

  • #IamDriven

  • @LandRoverUSA

  • extra credit: #NewRangeRoverSport

Runs for the next month, but be warned: You have competition.

I Want To Go To There.

Your head competition is #ThisGuy @tommyburkart

How To Spec The Hottest #NewRangeRoverSport

### Press Release

  • Land Rover North America announces social media contest to discover the most driven individuals through Instagram and Twitter

  • Brand encourages consumers to showcase and celebrate passion, ambition and drive

(MAWAH, NJ) – November 5, 2013 – As part of the “Driven to Another Level” marketing campaign to launch the 2014 Range Rover Sport,  Land Rover North America today announces the #IAmDriven social media contest to discover the most driven individual on Instagram and Twitter.

#IAmDriven participants are invited to post a storyboard collection of four photos or videos using the hashtags #IAmDriven and #Contest, that illustrate how they push themselves to the next level in their everyday lives; how they themselves are driven, ambitious and, like the Range Rover Sport, dedicated to achieving top performance.


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