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Bollinger Motors Announces Pricing, Performance Details For B1 SUV And B2 Pickup

When Bollinger Motors recently introduced the production version of the B1 SUV and the all new B2 pickup, we were left with new questions especially in regards to final range and pricing figures for the duo. The Ferndale, Michigan based company has ended the mystery, and has unveiled new details about the long term plans for the B1 and B2. For starters, we finally know how much the B1 and B2 will cost to own, with the company revealing that both models will start at $125,000. This eye popping figure is far off the under $100,000 estimate the company initially …

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Honda Formally Unveils Passport SUV, Revives Legendary Nameplate For A New Generation Of Buyers

Honda is a company of many talents, but the one thing it lacked for the longest time was a proper mid-size two row crossover to slot between the CR-V and the larger Pilot SUV. The Japanese auto giant has punched its figurative passport so to speak, and has unveiled the model that will take it to this vaunted chunk of the CUV progress, the 2019 Honda Passport. At first glance, the Passport is indeed what it appears to be, a shrunken Honda Pilot, with the distinctively Pilot themed nose adding to that theme. However, the stance is perkier, and lacks …

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Toyota Goes All In With 2020 Corolla, Promises To Revamp Driving Experience For Buyers

Toyota’s Corolla sedan has emerged into a powerhouse for the Japanese automaker, with over 40 million units sold since the Corolla first entered production. However, all of this success and good fortune masks a car that has always never been known for its fun mannerisms, instead, preferring to be known as a dependable albeit bland piece of transportation that aims to get the job done and not much else. With the compact car segment still a viable segment in the marketplace, Toyota couldn’t afford to sit on its heels, and has thrown everything into the 2020 Corolla to try and …

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Honda Teases Rugged and Capable 2019 Passport SUV Ahead of L.A. Debut

Honda’s versatile SUV and CUV lineup currently offers buyers five distinct choices to choose from, but later this month, they will be joined by a sixth entrant that not only brings back an iconic moniker to the scene after several decades, but also the versatility and off road prowess that has been noticeably absent from Honda lineup, the 2019 Honda Passport.   We will admit, the first teasers that Honda released don’t show much to the untrained eye, with the Passport’s rear end obscured by a plume of tire generated dirt, and a brief video segment of the Passport tackling …

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2020 Kia Soul Teaser Shows Familiar Shape Ahead of L.A. Debut

Kia is keen on getting into the spirit of things ahead of the L.A. Auto Show later this month, and with Hyundai preparing a big reveal of their own, the youthful Korean car brand wanted to make sure the revamped Soul did not get lost in the all the glitz and glamour that the L.A. Auto Show is expected to bring when it kicks off later this month.   The lone teaser that Kia released earlier today may not reveal very much at first glance, but the image does reveal that the Soul’s trademark boxy shape will largely be retained, …

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Hyundai Confirms Palisade Name For New Three Row SUV Ahead of LA Auto Show Debut

Hyundai has so far kept a very tight veil of secrecy surrounding its new 3-row flagship SUV with only a few light teasers, and a preceding concept hinting at its existence, but with LA fast approaching, the Korean car giant has finally confirmed a small slice of information, and revealed the official name for this very important utility offering, Palisade.   Depending on who you ask, the Palisade moniker is derived from a whole swath of inspiration. According to Hyundai, the name is inspired not only by a series of coastal cliffs, but also the strength of an ancient fortress. …

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