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USA-Bound 2017 Lotus Exclusive EVORA 410 Honors Submersible Bond Esprit

Two pieces of cool news in this new Lotus Exclusives special:  a salute to one of the coolest movie cars of all time AND news that a US-legal version of the Evora 410 is headed to the USA around May of 2017. The Lotus Exclusive team rebodied parts of the Evora Sport 410’s nose and tail to make it a true homage to the 1970s Lotus Esprit S1 that James Bond used so deftly to escape the bad guys on a mountain road… before driving off a cliff! Oh no! But wait: in one of the greatest Bond (and action …

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3.9s, 186MPH 2017 LOTUS Evora Sport 410 – USA-Bound Carbon Special Cuts 150Lbs

There is a an even hotter variant of the new Evora 400 — and it packs more of a punch than its Sport 4110 badge might boast. A massive light-weighting program swaps the front splitter, front trunklid, roof and rear end to exposed-weave carbon fiber and drops a full dude’s weight in the process! New CF seats make up the rest of the weight savings.  All complemented by a sportier chassis tune and a bump in power. Sounds heavenly — and there is great news for US buyers too — a North American version will join the lineup too for …

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