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Volkswagen Releases Official Pricing For 2022 Taos, Starts At $24,190

The compact SUV market is exploding in popularity right now, with many new entries emerging on the scene to tale their respective slice of the broader sales pie. Volkswagen is poised to make a surgical strike on the segment with the 2022 Taos. While it has been a while since its unveiling, Volkswagen has formally revealed pricing for the Taos, and it’s clear that it’s aiming to put the squeeze on some of its rivals.   Making A Name For Itself The 2022 Taos is replacing the Golf lineup here in the U.S. (enthusiasts can still buy the GTI and …

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Volkswagen doubles down on CUVS with 2022 Taos, fills void in the process

The SUV segment is a rapidly changing place, and when you have a void in your lineup, it can be quite noticeable. That was the predicament that Volkswagen was facing with the firm having a noticeable hole below its volume focused Tiguan SUV. With subcompact CUVs proving to be a very reliable honey hole for consumers, Volkswagen had to act quickly, and it has chosen to do so with the 2022 Volkswagen Taos. The Taos aims to bring instant success to Volkswagen, but can it fill the shoes left by the Golf?   Shrunken Tiguan wrapper creates distinctive look: The …

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