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Ram Unveils Three New Special Edition Ram Models, Spicy TRX Igntion Edition Leads The Charge

The State Fair Of Texas has unofficially become ground-zero for the pickup wars with the Domestic Big Three (Ford GM and Ram) using the festivities to show off their latest wares. Ram has chosen to go to a familiar but welcome chapter in their playbook with a wave of special edition models, with the trio being led by the Ram TRX Ignition Edition TRX Ignition Edition Adds Bright Color To Unchanged Performance Hardware The 2022 Ram TRX Ignition Editon leads the way, which adds some unique trim applications to the truck. The firebreathing 702 hp Hellcat V8 and the performance …

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Ram Adds Some Spice To Rebel And Laramie Models With All New G/T Package, Borrows TRX Pieces

The Ram TRX is a fire-breathing monster of a truck that can slay trails and perhaps even leave a few high-priced supercars in its dust out on the pavement. But what if you want to inject some fun into your Ram 1500 but don’t have the funds to move all the way up to a TRX? Ram has your back and has unveiled an all-new G/T Package that will make its appearance for the 2022 model year.   G/T Spice Adds Zing To Select Ram Models As the name implies, the G/T Package adds some zest to the Ram’s suit …

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Ram Celebrates 10 Years Of Luxury Lined Trucking With 2022 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition

One of the major consistents that have defined both Stellantis and the company formerly known as FCA was that the company loves to unleash a large army of special edition models to cover a wide range of niches. Some are flashier than others, but Ram decided to take a more subtle approach this time around and has formally unveiled the 2022 Ram 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition.   New Coat Of Paint Defines Otherwise Unchanged Truck As mentioned, the 2022 Ram 1500 Limited 10th Anniversary Edition takes a more subtle approach to things and leaves the exterior styling largely unchanged. …

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