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2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Revealed, Brings 55 MPG And Refinement To Hybrid Sedan Ranks

When we last met the 2019 Honda Insight in Detroit, it was in prototype form, and it offered a glimpse of the Japanese auto giant’s future plans for the Insight nameplate. With the New York Auto Show fast approaching, Honda has taken the veil off of the production version of the Insight ahead of its Big Apple debut. The basic styling language of the 2019 Insight is largely reminiscent of the prototype’s albeit with the bulk of the changes taking place at the front end. Here, the car borrows a number of cues from several Honda models including the “flying …

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Honda Provides Insight Into Its Green Fueled Ambitions With Insight Prototype

Honda has made great strides when it comes to adding more green to its lineup of vehicles. From the Clarity lineup, to the upcoming Accord Hybrid, It’s no secret that Honda is keen on regaining ground that it has lost to Toyota and its ever growing lineup of hybrid vehicles. On that front, Honda has revealed its latest step in this initiative, the reawakened Insight hybrid sedan. Dormant for the last few years, Honda plans to position the 2019 Insight above its popular Civic sedan, making it serve a tweener role between the forementioned Civic, and the larger Accord sedan. …

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Honda Showcases Revived Insight Hybrid, Has Prius In Its Crosshairs

Following on the heels of the recently launched Civic and Accord sedans, Honda is now focusing on beefing up its green presence. This includes the launch of the second generation Clarity sedan, as well as the unveiling of its budget oriented companion, the 2019 Honda Insight. Honda admits that it is a prototype at the moment, but the exterior styling of the 2019 Insight is largely production ready, and is perhaps the sleekest Insight we have seen yet. In addition, this new model also demonstrates the three generation evolution that has taken place, with the original Insight arriving as a …

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