Genesis Brings Magma Brand To U.S. GV60 To Lead The Charge

Genesis has made it clear that it intends to be a contender in the luxury car wars and while its products have been the proverbial Cinderella pick in an NCAA bracket, the one item that was missing was a performance model. That’s changing with Genesis bringing the Magma sib-brand to the U.S.

Magma sub-brand follows established playbook

While the Magma brand’s entry into the U.S. is new, the core script has been used before. The Genesis GV80 SUV coupe concept was slathered in bright orange paint (though the brand never admitted it was launching a sub-brand) and Genesis followed that up later with the G80 Magma Special a limited-run version of the sedan limited to the Middle East.

While that car appeared once again in New York, the GV60 Magma Concept is all new and points to a very interesting detour for GV60 performance moving forward.

GV60 Magma gets a trip to the gym

While Genesis somewhat confirmed that the Magma version of the GV60 would get an improved battery pack and tweaked electric Motors, the brand stopped far short of providing formal performance specifications. Reps also confirmed the GV60 Magma will not be region-locked but didn’t specify if the U.S. will get it or not.

What we do see is that the concept is lower and wider than a stock GV60 with the bodywork being tweaked to improve aerodynamics. Extra venting has also been added to improve cooling for key components and 21-inch wheels with integrated aero discs to further enhance its ability to cut through the air. The interior also gets tweaks too including orange accents.

“Genesis Magma presents an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of performance and luxury for new interpretations in high-performance vehicles, with the ultimate goal of developing models exclusive to Genesis,” said Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke.

“The brand will continue to reveal experimental concepts with careful consideration of both technological and aesthetic elements. While speed and performance are important, the Genesis Magma program will look beyond, prioritizing the driving experience to kindle the joy of sporty driving with effortless comfort.”


When can we buy one?

Perhaps the biggest thing missing from Genesis’s announcement is when buyers in the U.S. can get their hands on a Magma model. Genesis said the GV60 model would come out very soon, but didn’t specify a formal timetable for it.

Pricing wasn’t revealed either but look for the price tag to reflect the sheer amount of upgrades Genesis has made to the model both inside and out. Also look for the treatment to eventually expand to the Genesis G70 to help give that model a shot at competing with some of its rivals


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