Mazda MX-30 Makes U.S. Debut, Will Go On Sale In California This Fall

Electrification is rapidly becoming a crucial technology in the automotive industry, with more companies offering EV vehicles. Mazda was a notable exception, with the firm preferring to focus on traditional ICE vehicles. But that’s now beginning to change with the arrival of the MX-30. The MX-30 is Mazda’s first foray into the electrified CUV market and originally made its appearance in the international market. But the 2022 MX-30 is now ready for its U.S. debut, and it aims to change the way consumers think about electrified CUVs.


MX-30 Design Packs Several Surprises

For the moment, the MX-30 will only be found in California, with no word on when the other 48 states will see them. California buyers who bring one into their garage will be rewarded with a very dynamic design that follows other Mazda offerings’ tire tracks. That includes the dynamic front end, slick headlights, and the tody front grille. The MX-30 stands out, though, by being the only electrified CUV in the segment to come equipped with suicide doors that invoke vivid memories of the RX-8 sports car.

The MX-30 also has an athletic side profile with an aggressive roofline that slopes down towards the rear of the CUV. Mazda claims that this will help the MX-30 stand out in the crowd though it remains to be seen whether the MX-30’s fun-loving approach will translate to strong sales in the sunshine state.

Meanwhile, the interior is a very minimalist exercise, with the cabin making heavy use of fabric materials in the seats and other areas. A seven-inch infotainment system is equipped to the MX-30, and the stubby-looking center console houses the gear shifter and the rotary control wheel that operates the screen. We suspect that higher trim levels will have some form of leather trim to help enhance the interior’s upscale appeal, but we get to wait a bit to hear more about whether that’s in the cards or not.


When Can I Buy A Mazda MX-30?

If you’re in the remaining 49 states, you’re out of luck for now, but if you’re in California, the Japanese auto giant revealed that the first units would begin arriving in that state’s dealer network this fall. Pricing is unknown at this juncture, but the MX-30 will have a spirited amount of performance thanks to a 144 horsepower electric motor paired with a 35.5 kWh battery pack. Sadly the firm is not ready to reveal EPA figures, but it’s known that the MX-30 can charge up to 80 percent of its battery in just over 36 minutes when hooked up to a compatible DC fast charger which is pretty cool.

The MX-30 will initially be a BEV-only offering, but later in the production run, it will be the one to bring back the legendary rotary engine. Last seen in the axed RX-8, the engine this time around will not motivate the CUV, but rather, it will serve as a range extender for the electric motor. Mazda claims that it undertook a considerable effort towards reducing noise (a common quirk of rotary engines) and that it operates silently (we will see about that when we have a chance to drive it ourselves.)   


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