2020 SHELBY GT500 Ford Mustang – Covid-Safe(r) Track Drive Event

The launch rollout of the rockstar Mustang GT500 took a bit of a hiatus over the springtime for obvious reasons but it’s back on!   Covid-safe wit masks, lots of cleaning, disinfectant mister guns, helmet oven sanitizer and many other precautions were in place.

Meeting the 760HP, 625-pound-foot GT500 on the track really is the perfect way to stretch its legs and test its limits.  Make no mistake, the rumors of #BestMustangEver are very true here.

The car is so good that it even wears the famed Shelby Cobra snake logos all over — something we missed a bit on the absolutely stellar GT350.

Using GT350 as a basis for the upgrades provides a solid track foundation to work from.  Magnesium braces all around, ultra wide custom rubber, wide track fenders front and rear, amazing Tremec DCT, and of course the 2.65-liter Eaton supercharger living between the 5.2-liter V8’s V.

The Tremec box needs special mention here.  It is PDK flawless in smoothness and track excellence.  It does appear that launch starts are slightly challenging with the DCT’s pain thresholds limiting power for a millisecond or two.  But in every other way this transmission is a real game-changer for Mustang.  The only other gripe whatsoever is that Grabber Lime does not photograph well.  It looks darker and more vivid in person but is very light in photos for unknown reasons.

All this plus looks and stance that really have a GT-R vibe?!

Yes please!

These are a list of some of the part mods.  But really this vehicle is about excellence throughout. A whole solid block of awesomeness.  The noise it makes is epic.  The speed on track boggles the senses.  The grip and confidence on track — not really a Mustang GT strong suit if we’re honest — are marvelous.  The GT500 really holds on endlessly around corners.  Awesome grip and brakes that are the best I’ve ever felt.  Even on track they stay rock-hard and stop the car like no G-forces you’ve ever felt before.

This is a true hero machine for Ford and for Mustang fans.

Three videos from the #GT500tracktour included below.  The hot lap is fun to watch because I’m holding the GoPro and the G-forces are really evident in a way that’s not when using a fixed camera mount.  In other words, i’m hanging on for dear life and giggling as I flail around!


2020 SHELBY GT500 Ford Mustang

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