2018 Land Rover DISCOVERY – Off-Road First Drive

When the truck that gets stuck — metal to rock — in front of you on an offroad course is a 2017 Raptor, you start to wonder if your truck will make it through the same obstacle.

Except when it is a Land Rover?

We found out just how incredible the 2018 Disco was offroad the other week.  And documented the experience thoroughly!

Not totally fair to call this a review of any sort.  Seat time was less than an hour, while we never touched pavement.  So these observations are nearly static impressions.

But here goes.


The most ultramodern 3-row SUV on the market?  SO ridiculously plush that you’d swear it’s a Range Rover?  And yet, retaining that Discovery uprightness to the drive position and visibility.  And retaining lovely useful details throughout.

Knob-adjustable armrests are still as delightful.  The hidden compartments behind console faceplate and under the cupholders are 007-awesome.  And the tech suite overall feels two years in the future.

Biggest news perhaps is the flat floor in second row.  Gobs of leg and shoulder and headroom.  A peaked roof makes room for a VASTLY improved 3rd row experience.

Toward the back, the cargo area is fully finished like the best Rangie.  The tailgate still has a split effect with fold-out bottom section.  But with top-hinged main (power-operated) hatch above for rainy tailgates.


The biggest thing you do not see in the photos of the new Disco is sheer size.  Truck is huge!  Tall, wide and imposing from all sides.  Its air suspension has a huge range of ride heights — with even the tallest still looking like big-tires fill the fenders.

The nose is ultra-clean and modern.  Butch yet flowing and crisp.  Nothing like the Ford Explorer, which we worried about when first Disco concepts came a few years ago.  The reflector-LED low and highbeams are sexy horizontal lines to match the sectioned LED DRL across the bottom of the lamp.  The same DRLs flip amber for blinkers – like new Jags and how all cars might in future.

Mini LED light pipes in the lower bumpers are interesting, but we’ll have to reserve judgement until seeing them at night to judge.

Profile and bodysides are radically evolved.  Nearly flat and aerodynamically clean.  No ripples here.  It is almost shockingly future-thinking from profile rearward.

The tail has no rear bumper, first of all.  It is just one clean orb of metal and glass.  So pure and upscale that it does look slightly too-good for woods and rocks at times, like any Range Rover proper tends to as well.

The rear view brings much more visual width than previous-gen Discoveries.  It is genuinely fresh design that is future perfect.

Enjoy the huge photoset and check out this facebook video for the best-of: when Disco hops the massive bedrock like a champ!

2018 Land Rover DISCOVERY

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