2018 Acura TLX A-Spec SH-AWD – First Drive Video + 42-Photo Flyaround

The new TLX A-Spec is the first affordable Acura to share the NSX’s halo coolness.  And this sport special is certainly macho in the flesh.

The dark grey grille is menacing and its unique A-spec internals are fresh.  New LEDs up front bring LED indicators in a lit amber setting as normal plus LED fogs for good measure.  This A-Spec’s lower bumper is all-new and unique with a swirl of body-color intake above the contrasting front splitter.  Dark alloys and A-spec badges are cool, as is the dechromed exterior in general.

The stance of the SH-AWD TLX is incredibly low and wide in person.  This is a seriously hot look!

Dark spoiler and new rear bumper brings HUGE twin cans for the exhausts.  A dark rear bumper/diffuser piece adds visual intensity too.

We took a quick spin the other week in the TLX A-Spec and loved its meaty handling feel and shouty engine.  It changes direction like boss and gripped flawlessly even in the hard rain of our video drive.

A few mistaken pieces of info in this drive video… but in general a good sense of the machine’s fun-to-drive nature.

Our main gripe with the TLX A-spec was the very dark and plasticy cabin.  That and it feels like it could easily handle another 100 horsepower…

We have 50 photos of the car to share as well — and there are some sweet angles in there!



2018 Acura TLX A-Spec SH-AWD

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