Gallery: AC Schnitzer 30th Anniversary in 200 Photos

Anniversaries are a nice vote of confidence in any company.  But when the total years is less than 30 or so, the business is usually still pretty new.  Recordkeeping was usually poor and the products sometimes laughable in hindsight.

You better believe this last bit applies to the tuned car business.  AC Schnitzer is one of the best – broadening from their first M3 and 635CSi offerings into MINI, Range Rover and every fast BMW since.  But the company did keep records, and it does celebrate its weirder achievements.  3 series X-Road wagon in 2001?  Or the 2003 Topster Z3 V8?  Yesss.

Here is a charming photo retrospective – starting from the 1987 founding and leading to present day.  Before all that, let’s also celebrate the 2017 Anniversary edition ACS M3 and 2 series models.  (Shown in preview slider at top of page)

Cheers to AC Schnitzer on their 30th birthday.  Big boost and fast laptimes forever!

Each of the individual pics is still labelled from ACS with the year and details of that car.


AC Schnitzer 30th Anniversary – Chronological 1980s to Present


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