Review: Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner

What is the thing you want most in a heavy duty cleaner?


So even though this is a car blog, we’re excited to share a first-hand review of this rockin, pump-action spray.

Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner is the name, and it is designed for the toughest grease and grime.

…Baked on grease… caked-on grease…!

For automotive applications, it works wonders on brake dust, wheel mud and bug splatter.  We used it first-hand as a pre-treatment before a carwash and LOVED the results.  Spray Nine seems to just work.

The large spray bottle loads up a surface with a few squeezes– and it takes off serious grit just a few seconds later.  Apparently it works just as well on muddy ATVs and dirt bikes.

It is safe to use on paint and wheels as long as you fully wash away the residue.  As an almost no-touch spot treatment before taking your car through an automatic carwash?  Sounds perfect!

The big benefit, of course, of an HD cleaner/degreaser/disinfectant is that the stains come off with less effort. Well, Spray Nine is actually a cleaner/degreaser/disinfectant.  Triple HD.

Around my house, Spray Nine got out some tough stains on the cheap countertop.  Some of that Dasani water flavorizer dots had resisted coming off with dishsoap or bathroom bleach spray.  But literally wiped right off with Spray Nine.

That’s a pretty big vote of confidence!

Check out their promotion below, and pick up a bottle for your toughest messes.

Take the Spray Nine “Heavy-Duty” Challenge


Take the Spray Nine Challenge.

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