HD Video Review + Walkaround – 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum 4×4 Supercrew

Two HD drive videos, three animated flyarounds and 110 photos of the new F-150 Platinum!

This truck is incredible in every way. It is easier to focus on areas where the Platinum F-150 does not feel as special or sporty as a Range Rover Sport. From behind the wheel, any similarity with that sweet super-truck is a huge asset for the full-size 4×4 market. The Platinum is really convincing in its design and tech upgrades outside, if a bit less so inside. The tacky wood accents are a low point, as is the lack of lateral support in the somewhat slippery leather seats.

The big thrones do feature heating, cooling and full massage modes… so it is really only versus premium Euro SUVs that the F-150 suffers.

A taut ride is also a bit of a sore point. As fun as the Platinum is to drive all out, the 4×4’s body control brings a springier and bumpier ride than we recall in a two-wheel-drive F-150 Lariat from last fall. In combination with the loose driving position, you really need to hang on tight around big corners. Bracing against the door helps keep you in control of the big turbo power around bends, with the actual drive position near-perfect.

Aside from those few gripes, the new F-150 is the best full-size truck ever made. The Platinum is the nicest F-150 ever.

F-150 Platinum is therefore without a true peer in the truck market.


This 4×4 Supercrew has the 145-inch wheelbase choice, and carries a base price of $54,385. The Platinum pack is $2500 extra, with the (incredible) $1200 moonroof and $400 upgrade to 20-inch wheels rounding out the total. A few other options bring the test truck to $61,555, as shown on the window sticker below.

$62k seems silly for a truck until you lay eyes or hands on this beautiful machine. That loaded F-150 price is strangely close to the RRS’s base price…but with a huge load of useful capabilities thrown into the Ford for good measure.


2015 Ford F-150 Platinum 4×4 Supercrew Review

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