Mecum Florida 2015 Favorites – 1987 Volkswagen SYNCHRO 4×4 TurboDiesel Westfalia

A VW Vanagon with, get this:

– factory Synchro 4×4

– Westfalia full camper van setup inside

– turbodiesel engine from the factory with five-speed manual

– and 45k original miles

Those four, folks, are a very rare combination in the US market. Any suriviving VW Vanagon — or bus, for stoners — is relatively special these days. But a 4×4 with these cool off-road upgrades like the steel bumpers, rally lights, custom nose detailing and four-pack of round headlamps, plus tinted brake lights!?

Very, very cool.

For me, the only thing that would make this VW cooler would be a 911 Turbo engine in back! As it stands, $37,000 is a good price for this future classic.

Post script?

That may or may not be Rutledge Wood in these pics checking out the car…. if he got big again… vs his skinny new self on TopGear America season 5….

1987 Volkswagen SYNCHRO 4×4 TurboDiesel Westfalia


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