Concept to Reality – 2011 Kia GT Was Stunning; Too Bad About The K900

Looking over the details of the gorgeous 2011 Frankfurt concept from Kia, the GT, really triggers frustration.

Sure, some of these ideas like the C-pillar and roof accent made it into the latest Optima — but the most desirable rear-drive nature was lost on that front-drive model.

Lost forever? One would think — until the K900 flagship debuted this year with pricing from $60,000, rear-drive, and a V8 engine.

But where the GT concept is artful in its form, the K900 is a blob of vaguely-melted shapes, like a plus-size model who is not afraid to show some skin.

The detailing of the rear three-quarter angle is truly where the K900 has none of the GT concept’s elan and grace. A slim glasshouse and chopped tail are replaced by generic blah shapes all around on the production K900.

So is the GT lost forever?

Time will tell.

The new Veloster for 2016 may carry some of these themes, but we wouldn’t hold our breath. The Kia (and Hyundai) track record in bringing beautiful concepts to the street is woefully poor.

2011 Kia GT


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