BEASTMASTER! 1917 American LaFrance Type 12 BESTIONI By Gary Wales

Holy wow.

This machine is HUGE in person.

Calling it ‘La Bestioni’ is the best-possible name for this former firetruck, as it truly is a massive beast of a thing.

Gary Wales creates these bespoke roadsters from retired fire engines and his client list so far includes Jay Leno and four other lucky madmen.

In terms of how large the Bestioni is, hopefully some of the neighboring cars are visible in these photos from the Quail 2014.

A 2:1 ratio is very believable – the beast is easily 2X as large as a normal roadster. Gigantic and lavish and exquisite. The hood ornament sets the tone.

This machine is this fifth Bestioni Wales has created, and he combined Mahogony surfaces with a clear lacquer over the original rusty fenders and hood details.

A sixth model is in development right now, as noted in the below video.

1917 American LaFrance Type 12 BESTIONI




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