Design Talent Showcase – Jan Rosenthal 2023 Rolls-Royce Concept Wins Official RCA Contest

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Not so old – 2012 — and previewing a Rolls-Royce for 2023. So it is a bit of Days of Future Past. Forgiveness Please if you have seen this already!

Royal College of Art students submitted ideas for a 2023 Rolls-Royce back in 2012, with the winning design selected by Rolls-Royce executive leadership and designers themselves. The winning study is shown here in all its magnificence.

Jan Rosenthal is the artist and elegantly combines many disparate ideas into one glamor-soaked luxury car. It is a four-door coupe with a SUV ride height. Very cool ideas shown for the super-exaggerated hood length, the sheer flowing bodysides and the sharp contrast creasing.

The car is kept visually light via chopped and chamffered edges to its rear bumper corners, again emphasizing the power up front and the prestige of the layout.

It is very lovely, and deserves another look for these reasons alone.

But what really stands out as the most interesting to these eyes is the nose. Rolls-Royce is somewhat stuck with the current block nose shape, with minor movements and evolutions on the same Phantom-introduced theme since 2003.

What this design offers is a way to keep the grille near-vertical – but lighten the style with swopping modern recesses to either side. It looks like the alloy of the flat nose face has almost been pushed back by wind resistance, which is very cool and very exotic.

The wind-blown theme also matches the billowing sheet carried in the arms of the Spirit of Ecstacy, so it ties in with desirable Rolls-Royce design and iconography themes amazingly well.

Despite being one of the most traditional and respected luxury brands in the world, Rolls-Royce is all over modern social media.

Follow them at all the below links to see what the Double R is up to today. They post some cool stuff, like this on Pinterest…

 Here is a final treat…. Rosenthal’s 2023 concept in Ensign Red like this Wraith….

Or is it Madeira Red!? One of the two.

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