Ford Vision Gran Turismo May Recall the 1996 INDIGO Open-Wheel Supercar Concept

The Vision Gran Turismo debuts are coming fast and furious lately – with more than a dozen still to come.

The Ford preview is especially intriguing because:

a) it is unlike the others in recalling a Formula 3 car’s open suspension and open-wheel layout

b) Ford makes nothing like this for the road, and probably would not dare to either.

Not since the Plymouth Prowler and its V6 AutoStick ate all of our dreams. No open-wheel sports-car concept has even been prominent lately, sadly. Sure, there is the Nissan Bladeglider and Caterham is available in the US from Superformance — but nothing that is really like an ultra-modern racer for the streets.

One is on the tip of my tongue but I cannot remember it now, so let’s keep moving forward…

What is closest to the Ford VGT concept in the back catalog? That brings us to the 1996 Indigo.


If you were Ford, you had just released the god-awful third-gen Taurus on the world. Forcing ovals down everyone’s throat like you were some kind of oval-addicted drug pusher.

“We do not want these ovals, sorry.

No! I said no, Ford!

No Ford, Not like this…..

No more ovals…!”

So how to move forward from that rough patch of Ford Design?

New Edge was coming, but it took the Indigo and the GT90 concepts to get us there.

“Fine, Ford. We will go anywhere that is not oval-shaped…!”

1996 Ford Indigo Concept





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