2014 ItalDesign Clipper Crossover by Giugiaro – A Mad Six-Person Golf Variant?

ItalDesign’s Clipper Crossover by Giugiaro – A Mad Six-Person Golf Variant?

The thing with VW owning Giugiaro these days is that many of the concepts have much more production-possibility than ever before. Take the Parcour SUV — many of its ideas are flowing directly into a future Lamborghini model.

The style and themes shown on this Clipper van most directly relate to Volkswagen’s newly-clean aesthetic — but take the block forms and flat surfacing to a very interesting place. Is it beautiful? Oh no.

But might it be after refinement into a production vision? Perhaps.

Additions like a brand-specific element to the nose and tail would jazz up this almost generically-clean layout nicely.

The name, however, seems like almost a direct reference to how the doors might Clip you in the noggin’ once or twice. Or thrice….


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