Daimler Running Big Trucks in Tr4 via 2014 Freightliner Argosy (Villain) vs Western Star (Hero)

Big trucks, be nice!

If there was ever a bad-guy in the truck world, it is a cab-over semi truck with a maniacal driver just inches behind the front bumper.

The Cab-Over style seems absurd from basic aero principles, but does offer big benefits in such tight turning radii.

But Transformers 4 comes out in just a few months, on 6.27.14.

Did they miss the coolest new Daimler truck? The Freightliner Revolution is the best looking of the bunch, in my opinion.

In addition, Transformers 4 shows a slow progression by Michael Bay and Co. toward reclaiming the original styles of the Autobots.

I’m no movie-nut, and never read comics. But I did love Transformers as a kid. Bought the box set DVD of season two in 2002, ironically, and found it utterly unwatchable.

But I do remember one thing. Bumblebee was a Beetle and Optimus Prime was a flat-front semi truck. What American kids call a tractor-trailer-truck.

It remains unclear if the new Freightliner Argosy is a good guy or bad guy, but the stern appearance of its LED lighting certainly points toward villain.


Western Star has created another … very unique… livery for Optimus Prime.

Both brands are part of the Daimler Group of trucks, showing what a nice avenue Michael Bay is into the global trucks market in general.

Freightliner Revolution Concept


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