2017 Acura NSX WTF 15

@Acura: $200k NSX Is WTF, Dickslap Sticker Shock

Are you f***ing shi****** me? Talk about bait and switch. This new NSX just doubled in price somehow, overnight. What was widely thought to be an $80k PHEV supercar is suddenly carrying a $168k base price. And that is slightly stripped out. Painted wheels?  $1500.  SiriusXM carbon roof?  $6k.  CCM brakes?  $11k.  CF exterior?  $10k. It goes on and on, until the bombshell $200k total gives you a dickslap at the Summary screen. These options read like someone literally did a “times 2” excel function for the original prices.  Then pasted it down the entire column. Shocked. The colors, by …

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WTF?! Mercedes Bags Up Supermodel and 2017 SL in Giant Blue Condom, Feels Nothing

What. The. Hell. Is. This. Seriously flummoxed by this Mercedes fashion campaign featuring the new SL. High fashion model, photographer and car meet up for a romp in a giant latex playroom. But it is not a playroom. It is a giant condom, which then wraps every curve of the car and model alike. WTF!?   The entire goal of life is to stop needing latex protection when inside beautiful people, places and things. The look is hideous, the concept is bone-headed, and the results are visually nauseating.  Hiding the fug SL under a pile of cinderblocks would be preferable to …

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