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Aston Martin goes the perfect green for 2021 Pebble Beach Concours

To the naked eye, it’s arguably the most diverse color for a car maker’s palette. Green. Add to that today’s connotation, and the mere use of the term and color is tricky to negotiate. I for one am not a fan of most chosen greens, save for the 18th one that Aston Martin’s 2021 display booth faces. That being said, there is something to  behold in person, as your brain takes in this particular green that Aston has donned these fantastic cars with. They literally had to snap me out of mesmerizing stare, as they were preparing to host a …

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Aston Martin Opens Up The Road To Our Nordic Fantasies With Valhalla Hybrid Supercar

It has been a while since we heard anything surrounding the Valhalla supercar. While the spotlight these days is centered on the Valkyrie, the Valhalla has its own role to play, which Aston Martin made clear back in 2019 when it originally introduced the car as the AM-RB 003. Alot of changes have taken place since then, but Aston Martin is determined to see the Valhalla enhance its green profile.   Seductive Skin Hides Numerous Changes When we last met the Valhalla, it was originally supposed to be powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6 that was to be built …

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Aston Martin Confirms Valhalla Moniker For AM-RB 003, Will Build Only 500 Examples

With Aston Martin‘s recent obsession with Norse mythology, the British supercar maker has confirmed that its second all new offering will continue this trend and adopt a Norse inspired name. With the Valkyrie leading the way, it’s only fitting that the next model would be inspired by the ultimate destination for Norse warriors that were slain in combat, Valhalla.   It is certainly an improvement over its development name the AM-RB 003 which was a bit too wordy for our tastes, and it also serves as a figurative glimpse into the sheer levels of performance and driving pleasure that the …

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