Toyota Polishes Iconic Nameplate For 2023 Crown, Will Form New Family Of Offerings

When Toyota axed the Avalon sedan a short while back, we were curious to see what the company had in store to fill the void that the aging four-door sedan left behind. The Japanese auto giant answered that question with the 2023 Crown, which not only aims to fill the shoes left by the Avalon but also create a new model sub-family within Toyota’s vehicle lineup too.   Toyota Pulls Automotive Swerve, Confirms Full Crown Family If you managed to stay up and catch Toyota of Japan’s late-night live stream reveal of the Crown (we sure did), you would’ve seen …

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Toyota Teases May 18th Unveiling For Two All New Hybrid Models

With the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic keeping automotive related events down to a minimum, worldwide vehicle debuts have been a rarity over the past few months. Toyota on the other hand is trying to keep things interesting, and has revealed that it will be unveiling not one but two all new hybrid models in a live stream event on May 18th.   While the 2020 Toyota Prius 2020 Edition (a lightly spruced up version of the current Prius) is already confirmed to be a part of the event to coincide with its 20th anniversary, the Japanese auto giant is so far …

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