2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR Dollar General 21

DAYTONA – Meeting the 199MPH 2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR of Matt Kenseth #20 Dollar General

Thrilling week in Daytona Beach so far! An incredible day of meeting Toyota NASCAR drivers, crew chiefs and even the president of TRD USA, the overall lead in the Toyota Racing effort in American events. Meeting the 2015 Camry racer up close then seeing it in what felt like an HD action movie of the race Duels later? YES! So much fun to see the Daytona Speedweek leadup to the Daytona 500 tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd of February. The car-guy part of NASCAR culture makes tech and equipment off-track and in the pits every bit as serious as a wild …

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2015 Toyota Camry NASCAR 2534

Gen-6 Toyota Camry NASCAR Revealed Ahead of 2015 Season

The NASCAR ‘Car of Tomorrow’ is now in its sixth generation after barely as many years roaring round the nation’s speedways. Luckily, this latest design rulebook allows the cars to look much less generic, and more like their actual namesake road car models. The first out of the gates for the 2015 season of the Sprint Cup and 2015 Xfinity (formerly Nationwide) racing series is the new Camry. It really does look like the production car! ANIMATED OVERLAY ANALYSIS: Camry v ‘NASCamry’ In this transparency of the production Camry XSE versus the NASCAR Camry, we can see how similar these …

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