New Study Proves What Many Have Long Suspected, Trucks Last Longer In Overall Mileage

New cars will always be a prominent part of the broader vehicular landscape. But amid all the shiny new metal on America’s roads is an equally robust pool of older vehicles that continue to rack on the miles for their owners. A recent study that was released recently appears to confirm what many have long suspected, trucks last longer than many other types of vehicles and have the highest chance of going over 250,000 miles too.   The Construction Of A Truck Plays A Prominent Role ISeeCars published the study and discovered that trucks had a recurring ability to withstand …

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New study confirms what some have long suspected, driver assistance systems making us less safe, not more

The prevalence of various driver assistance technologies over the past few years has radically changed the way that consumers approach the simple task of driving their vehicles. These technologies have rapidly become much more advanced over the past few decades, but have they actually helped make drivers safer? A new study suggests that the opposite is happening, and that drivers are actually becoming less safe out on the road Technology making drivers less safe? Yes This is according to a new study that was released by both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and MIT’s AgeLab which revealed that …

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2008 Citroen HYPNOS 35

Concept Flashback – 2008 Citroen HYPNOS Was X6-Sized Missed Opportunity

  This 2008 Citroen concept is best known for its melted candy interior – with a swirl of wild colors looking a bit like a bag of Skittles left of the dashboard of a car in direct sunlight. But in fact, this crossover was one of Citroen’s first attempts at a soft-roader. Powered by a 2.0-liter HDi turbodiesel making 200-horsepower to the front wheels, plus a hybrid electric setup with 50HP for the back axle. The crossover and SUV space presented and still does present a fantastic opportunity for mass-market brands to achieve premium sales they all crave. Evidence? How …

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2015 ED Design TORQ Concept 40

2015 ED Design TORQ Concept Racer Is Unusual, Conflicted Design Study

  This is a curious one. The ED Design TORQ concept from Geneva 2015. A product of a growing Italian design consultancy, this concept is a look at future automated race-cars. The most curious parts of the car are two: — a total lack of glass. The view out is via surround-view cameras projected on an inner wrap-around screen projection. — the seating for two and steering wheel These two traits do not really match each other. A lack of glass makes sense when only sensors are controlling the driving action. But with passenger and a driver, monitors seem like …

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mercedes g-code gif

Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept Is China-Penned GLB Design Study

  At the opening of its new Beijing R&D Center today, Mercedes revealed a very tasty new concept car to the world: the G-Code SUV concept. G-Code? Mercedes calls this hot new concept an SUC — which seems like an acronym too far! Let’s just say it is a very sporty crossover coupe. A Super-Sport Utility Vehicle? Regardless, the themes shown here are very interesting and fresh versus previous Mercedes SUV ideas and concepts. The flowing and ultra-sensual forms of the body are an extreme interpretation of Mercedes’ latest California-originating design themes — with the sheetmetal appearing like a taught …

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