1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Streamliner 31

1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Streamliner at Amelia Island Concours [40 Photos]

  The 540K Streamliner is always a delight to see and photograph.  A few things to note: the machine is HUGE! It is truly enormous by all dimensions, including its width.  A massive scale for a road car. The next is that this machine was as otherworldly and advanced in 1938 as it seems today.  Nothing approaching such a streamlined design was ever applied to a closed, luxury grand tourer of a car.  This machine excelled at a core MB trait: extreme high speed and extreme luxury.  Their hotrod limos and perhaps the S-Class Coupe still embody most of the …

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Concept Flashback - 2009 BRABUS E V12 'One of Ten' 23

Concept Flashback – 2009 BRABUS E V12 ‘One of Ten’ in Streamliner Rear Fenders

Brabus obviously crushes it when making ultra-powerful upgrades of Mercedes and AMG engines. But what do you do when there is just no power left to give? You take drastic aero steps! Exponential growth in drag as speed rises is what makes overall top speed runs so difficult to master, and why we aren’t in 400-mph cars yet. This 2009 BRABUS E-Class uses a time-honored way of lowering drag: put the rear wheels inside fender farings. The result is pretty cool, even wearing the old E63 design as a base point. The tires create a 217-mph top speed for the …

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Morgan EV 3 Wheeler 12

2017 Morgan EV3 – Electric 3 Wheeler Is Streamliner Heaven

Exciting first look full reveal from Morgan today ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed: the iconic Three-Wheeler in electric form! Dubbed the EV3, this prototype is on the way to production with a weight loss of nearly 200-pounds versus the gasoline model, plus a much sportier handling balance. Why such a change in dynamics versus the normal 3 Wheeler? That model’s highly unusual engine placement ahead of the front axle creates some quite extreme forces on the chassis in hard driving. That huge polar movement around bends is part of what makes the 3 Wheeler such a joy to …

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mercedes g-code gif

Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept Is China-Penned GLB Design Study

  At the opening of its new Beijing R&D Center today, Mercedes revealed a very tasty new concept car to the world: the G-Code SUV concept. G-Code? Mercedes calls this hot new concept an SUC — which seems like an acronym too far! Let’s just say it is a very sporty crossover coupe. A Super-Sport Utility Vehicle? Regardless, the themes shown here are very interesting and fresh versus previous Mercedes SUV ideas and concepts. The flowing and ultra-sensual forms of the body are an extreme interpretation of Mercedes’ latest California-originating design themes — with the sheetmetal appearing like a taught …

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