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2017 Mercedes-Benz SL – 4.0s SL65 Leads Butterface Sisterhood

At a loss for words about this new SL.  All my eyes know is that this SL63 and SL65 are ungainly. They are ugly ducklings. Beside any taste decisions in the nose, the overall proportions are deeply flawed. This is an ugly snout of a nose, with cross-eyed headlights even more exaggerated than the current, crook-eyed beauty. Surely a view in person will improve what looks like a massive underbite, drooping maw and slightly not-all-there stare. Woof.     2017 Mercedes-Benz SL   2017 Mercedes-Benz SL The new Mercedes-Benz SL The legend – now even more dynamic Stuttgart. New appearance …

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Design Talent Showcase – 2020 Mercedes-Benz SL PURE Concept by Matthias Böttcher

Emerging designers are fascinating. They provide a relatively uncluttered look at the next generation of automobile design, usually five to ten years away from hitting the streets. Students of industrial design are well-prepped for the world of making dream shapes and sketches come to life — in panels and 4D forms that could, in theory, be produced some day. Their vision and style for final thesis projects, like the SL Pure by Mattias Bottcher of Germany, can be a powerful catalyst. Pulling forward the future with new ideas unfettered by corporate speak, layers of hundreds of other designers, or the …

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2016 McLaren 650S CAN-AM is 60s Tribute With CF Details – 3 Colors; 50 Units Only!

McLaren Special Operations just revealed its next creation: the 650S Can-Am. Virtually every detail of the exterior design is swapped for exposed-weave carbon fiber: from the splitter and hood to the three-piece power hardtop and airbrake out back. Plus nearly a dozen more upgrades, by the way. The style is a pure 1960s racing homage, with bespoke mag wheels designed to fit in among classic racers in matte black. Three colors are available on the 50-unit run of specials: red, papaya yellow and black. We’d vote for the McLaren signature yellow for maximum effect! 2016 McLaren 650S CAN-AM McLAREN CELEBRATES …

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