2015 Rolls-Royce WRAITH Inspired By Fashion Edition Is Two-Tone White With Color Pinstripe

The English factory floor has never looked so good, or so bright! The new Wraith Inspired By Fashion Edition is a tasty new Haute Couture supercoupe. Created with a two-tone white exterior bisected by a choice of Jasmine (yellow), Tailored Purple or Mugello Red, the Wraith Fashion is understated yet instantly special. The effect of a slightly darker Andalucian White white on the fenders is interesting with the ultra-bright Arctic shade on the hood. We wish the wheels were gloss black to really match the formalwear feel of the cabin, but that is easily handled post-sale. Overall, the Wraith Fashion …

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2017 Rolls-Royce SUV Is Official! #EffortlessEverywhere Is New SuperLux High-Rider

We have a bit of a jump on this hot news!  Rolls-Royce just confirmed that it is developing an all-new SUV to join the finest motor-car range ever made. After 111 years in the car business, it is a thrill to learn that Rolls-Royce is adapting and thriving in the post-modern world of crossovers. So, what do we know so far? Car-Revs-Daily.com Animated Ghost II vs Rendered RR SUV Transition Very little. We know that the future Rolls-Royce SUV will have a go-anywhere capability, which is code for AWD and ground clearance. We also know that it does not yet …

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