2019 Audi RS5 Sportback Review by Ben Lewis – Green with Energy

To paraphrase a famous SNL sketch, Audi been very, very, good to us. Looking back, we spent quality time with the beautiful A5 coupe, the potent S5 Sportback, and now we’re driving the Uber-fast (not to be confused with Uber, fast) RS 5 Sportback. It’s a nice progression, as each one has built on the other, but you’re never really prepared for the jaw-dropping performance an Audi RS model can provide. Green, with Energy The first thing that hit us about our tester was its Sonoma Green Metallic paint. We loved it. Audi has a tradition of bringing some awesome …

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2018 Audi RS5 2

3.7s, 450HP 2018 Audi RS5 Scores Snarling New V6TT, Tech and Style

The 2018 RS5 is official and packs a huge wallop of visual impact in person.  In photos, it looks like a forgettable facelift of a car that’s been on the roads since 2010.  But it really evolves in the flesh into a stellar supercoupe. Design analysis quicktake? This new nose does rely on a lot of misdirection, however, to keep you interested.  It is a buffet of intake scoops, layered spoilers, contrasting trim finishes and embossed branding/badges.  We count 1) bodycolor 2) gloss black 3) brushed alloy and 4)carbon-fiber, to name four such finishes.  (Look for black pack on blue …

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