2022 Rezvani Motors Hercules 6×6 goes wild, 3 things that you should know about this insane truck offering

Remember when pickups used to be treated as a mere tool designed to haul cargo, boats, and were destined for a life out on the job site? These days, it seems that pickups are roleplaying as a wide variety of things. From being off-road focused Billy goats, to even being luxurious and decidedly more capable substitutes for minivans, the segment has never been so diverse as its been in recent years. However, we never suspected that a truck would rise up and call itself “the God of all pickups.” But Rezvani‘s newest creation the Hercules 6×6 aims to do just …

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2018 Rezvani TANK – 500HP Designer Assassin – 15 New Pics

You’d be shocked how fast you can throw $50k at a custom Jeep.  And probably shocked that you can actually spend $50k on a stock, factory Wrangler right from a dealership floor. When you add those two totals, you’re already past $100k without even a toe in the sand. Rezvani has made it easier to have the ULTIMATE off-road supercar right from the start.  No fiddling with settings, stance and lifts.  The Dodge 392 6.4-liter V8 upgrade alone is worth about $30k on a factory machine. Rezvani has gone far, far beyond an engine swap and customized bodywork, though.  The …

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700HP, 2.5s 2017 REZVANI Beast X – Wild Carbon Wings, Monster Boost for Street-Legal Racecar

You are being hunted. The Rezvani Beast X is out for blood.  That much is clear from its 2.5-second 60-mph sprint and tail-out track action! This upgraded model is debuting in Dallas this week with a shockingly sexy carbon-fiber aero kit, a new engine and even optional paddle-shift for the 2017 modelyear. The California team will build just five of these X Beasts for sale worldwide, with pricing from $325k and the order books open now.  (The Beast Speedster is the car pictured here in grey, while the X is previewed in a few of the red photos — but not all …

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