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2019 Lamborghini URUS – World Premiere of SSUV – Son of a Rambo Lambo

The idea of a supercar Lambo SUV is not that far-fetched.  The firm is at pains to show its provenance in this arena by dusting off its LM002 Lambo Rambo from the storage vault.  Even the LM002 Cheetah variant is joining the URUS debut party! LM002 and LM002 Cheetah variant While the first Lambo SUV was a giant bruiser that crushed scales at above 5000 pounds, this new ~650HP URUS is actually pretty tiny.  Its four doors and extremely racy roofline actually wrap a Macan or Q5 sized platform.  But this time with absolutely gigantic rubber and AWD system almost right …

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RM Arizona 2015 Preview – 1989 Lamborghini LM002 – The Off-Road Countach Is USA Street Legal

A bit less of a legend than the 037 Lancia? Perhaps. But almost as appealing. After 25 years to appreciate the LM002’s overt masculinity, dreamer-spec engine and mechanicals, and before-its-time superlux offroader credentials — the LM002 looks like a new shape of timeless classic supercar to us. The biggest news about this Lambo Rambo besides its very fresh paint and excellent interior condition? It is finally old enough to be driven legally in the United States! It might even be time for John Rambo Jr. to hit the big screen, with this his on-screen battle truck….   1989 Lamborghini LM002 …

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2014 Fiat FCC4 Concept For Sao Paolo Is Samba Rambo SUV Pickup!

Lambo Rambo… in Portuguese… is Samba Rambo? This amazing concept from Fiat is called the FCC4 and looks to be about the size of the Jeep Cherokee, but wearing giant rock-crawling rubber and a bad-ass pickup-truck bodystyle. Fresh ideas and designs abound, including the floating C-pillar and wrap-around brightwork of the glasshouse. Inside the roof and bed structure, we see some of the organic bracing seen from Bertone lately — all good stuff. Looks fantastic, and opens new doors to what the Fiat brand can be in the large Brazilian market. Fiat FCC4 Concept