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Ram Unveils Three New Special Edition Ram Models, Spicy TRX Igntion Edition Leads The Charge

The State Fair Of Texas has unofficially become ground-zero for the pickup wars with the Domestic Big Three (Ford GM and Ram) using the festivities to show off their latest wares. Ram has chosen to go to a familiar but welcome chapter in their playbook with a wave of special edition models, with the trio being led by the Ram TRX Ignition Edition TRX Ignition Edition Adds Bright Color To Unchanged Performance Hardware The 2022 Ram TRX Ignition Editon leads the way, which adds some unique trim applications to the truck. The firebreathing 702 hp Hellcat V8 and the performance …

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A relic of a lost world? what happened to the original T-Rex concept?

While the world is intensely focused on the 700 plus horsepower Ram TRX that will be making its way to showrooms next year, we were curious to find out what happened to the concept? No, not the hellcat powered concept truck that preceded the current Jurassic inspired titan that we have come to know and love, but rather the original T-Rex concept that preceded both of them. Buckle up for this inaugural look into concepts of the past, how they played a part (if any) in some of the hottest offerings in the market today, and what ultimately became of …

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Ram reshapes the food chain with 2021 Rebel TRX: [Video]

Back in 2016, Ram showcased the TRX concept which was an exercise that showcased what it would look like if Ram produced a powerful off-road truck that could take on the Ford Raptor in a battle of off-road prowess. Ram originally intended for it to be a mere one-off, but the combination of surging customer demand and the Raptor’s long reign on top of the throne finally spurred Ram engineers into action. After a COVID-19 fueled wait, we finally get to see the end result, the 2021 Rebel TRX. Ram calls this truck “the apex predator of the truck world” …

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