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2017 Lexus IS Preview – New Noses, Wilder F-Sport Upgrades and Quicker Sprint Pace

The new IS is half-way here!  The revised model just bowed in Beijing with fresh bumpers, lighting, transmissions and infotainment. Why half-way?  We have only seen a partial look so far at the new US-market IS based on this debut.  The IS shown here in F Sport guise is wearing China-exclusive LEDs that are not the design we’ll see stateside.  The other show vehicle in China shows the base IS face, with new arrowhead LEDs, a slice of LED inside the lamp itself, and projector-beam main lights.  All good stuff — especially as these new lights have auto highbeams — …

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2016 Cadillac ELR Much Quicker and $10k Cheaper! 2014 Models Like a $50k BMW i8 at i3 Prices?

Putting together these turntables just now offered a chance to see the ELR in 360-degrees across its four colors. Mid-way through the black ELR, we have a revelation: this car is gorgeous! Even the 2014 model of the spinners is quite a dashing and sexy shape from all sides, with a mid-engine exotic feel to the profile especially. The 2016 ELR takes this design to the next level: a new Performance Pack brings bigger five-spoke alloys and trim tweaks to go along with its new Caddy crest badges front and rear. The 2016 refresh has some other delights in store, …

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2016 Chevrolet Volt is Quicker, Greener and More Lux + 1000-Mile Tank Range!?

It is no secret that current Chevy Volt owners are fanatical about how great their car is. Most people, however, have not been easily convinced. The new Volt has an all-new and much sleeker design outside, a vastly more luxurious and comfortable cabin, and the win-win of more speed and more efficiency. Overall, the design is a bit cleaner, and far more modern from all sides. Thankfully, the awkward window-line of black plastic is now banished to history. Notably, the Volt with a charged plug-in battery and full tank of fuel is expected to comfortably cruise 1000 miles before needing …

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