2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport AWD – Review By Ben Lewis

Have you ever been at a get-together, and it’s ok, but kinda snoozy? You know just about everyone; the talk is the same stuff it always is. Then someone new shows up that’s fun, different and interesting, and all of a sudden, you’re glad you were there. Meet the Alfa Romeo Giulia – the life of the party. You may know Alfa Romeo. The last time the brand sold a vehicle here was in 1995. But this is a famous brand with an amazing heritage. Alfa was the first car to win the World Automobile Championship in 1925, and followed …

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ghibli zegna gif

2015 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 ZEGNA EDITION In Exclusive Blue with Silk-Lined Cabin

Talk about a meeting of the unpronounce-ables! The new Ghibli (ghee-blee) Zegna (Xen-yaa) Edition is the second partnership between Maserati and the famed Italian fashion house. Outside, the Ghibli Zegna wears exclusive shades for its rich light-blue paint and liquid-silver wheels, but the real action is inside. The leather-edged seats and dash and doors now have a silk seating area with hand-woven chevron patterns.Even the headliner is now wrapped in gorgeous and touchable Zegna fabrics. The Ghibli Zegna’s swanky cabin promises to be as soft as the exact yarns in Zegna’s suits and sweaters — of which a certain Fiat …

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Q4  gif

Audi LA Concept Teaser May Be Upcoming Q4 Crossover

Audi’s cryptic teaser image of its upcoming Los Angeles showcar creates many more questions than it answers. On the one hand, the overhead view is enticing and definitely exciting. The flowing surfaces and glasshouse bulge out into the fenders and overall nose and tail shape enticingly. But what the heck is it? Audi has already shown two coupe-style concepts this year in the form of the TT OffRoad concept in Beijing (yellow) and the TT sedan in red below. Audi also has a variety of models that are overdue for the next model to come out, including the Q7 and …

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