1959 Porsche 718 RSK Spyder in 59 High-Res Photos

1959 Porsche 718 RSK Spyder This little 718 RSK is the ultimate in 1950s racing roadster chic. That is part of the reason this 1,270-pound flyweight earned $2,600-per-pound. The 550 is perhaps better-known, and certainly easier to build yourself via replica kits, but this 718 RSK is perhaps Porsche’s first real track-ready road car. Just looking at its five-speed manual and 148-horsepower top-line specs shows how advanced this car was in 1959. Tech Specs c/o Gooding & Company Twin Weber 46 IDM Carburetors 148 BHP at 8,000 RPM 5-Speed Manual Transaxle 4-Wheel Finned Alloy Drum Brakes Independent Trailing-Arm Front Suspension …

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Amelia Island 2014 – 1968 Porsche 907 Longtail in 74 High-Res Photos

1968 Porsche 907 Longtail This is the Daytona 1968 winner himself. He is quite breathtaking in person — with me doing so many slow laps taking photos… that I think we started getting some looks from the other guests. Oh well. It was worth it. Extraordinary barely begins to describe this car’s in-person impact. These are relatively un-edited so far, but more articles on the Porsche Motorsport legacy coming soon.


2014 LaFerrari Animated Turntables in 3 Colors

2014 LaFerrari Animated Turntables in 3 Colors Oh, the LaFerrari Visualizer came out almost exactly a year ago, and I am a year late? Perhaps — but I was not writing about cars a year ago! This is my first year doing this, and I like to start at the beginning with hypercars like this. Yes, there are (limited) real-life photos of LaFerrari out there from auto shows and the like, but these offer the clean aesthetic for which Car-Revs-Daily strives. Enjoy. LaFerrari — Giallo Modena Animated Turntable LaFerrari — Animated Launch Video LaFerrari — Animated Mechanical Architecture LaFerrari — …

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2014 NISSAN ZEOD RC Animated GIF -=- white lightning header graphic

2014 Nissan ZEOD RC LeMans Mt. Fuji Track Demo

2014 Nissan ZEOD RC LeMans Ask and ye shall receive? Only last week, we lamented the lack of angles of the ZEOD RC versus the flawless 29 angles of the car’s potent 1.5-liter, 400HP turbo triple, which both propels the car and charges the batteries (we think.) Well, the strip-tease continues for the ZEOD RC. The latest batch of info from Nissan’s UK-based Le Mans operation shows the real-life racer in much more detail. (Just kidding — looks like we just did not look hard enough for images. This release is tagged October 21st, 2013.) Nissan’s hybrid-electric Garage56 experimental entry …

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Cayenne header animation

New-for-2014 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S — Tops 8-Strong Cayenne Lineup in U.S. — Pricing and Style Comparisons by Trim

The current Cayenne series has been on U.S. streets since 2011, but it sure does not feel like it. These trucks all still really deliver a massive visual punch versus standard cars or SUVs. A second magic thing for the Cayenne gen2? There really is not a bad-looking one in the bunch. Some may recall the first cars looking amazing in full Turbo kit, and slowly becoming less and less macho with every tiny new engine introduced. That is really no longer the case. The below cars are the Turbo, the GTS and the Cayenne S in descending order. All …

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Car Gift Ideas: TechArt Shows Impressive Porsche Customs in 2014 Calendar

TechArt is rapidly becoming the most stylish of the high-dollar European customization houses. Orig Published on: Nov 27, 2013 @ 14:36 Who doesn’t love a Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster or Cayman that looks track-ready and wears LED lighting from 2016 or beyond? The personalization options from TechArt  are almost limitless. There are more than 40 styles of steering wheels from which to select, for example. Most products are sold individually, but the jaw-dropping full model makeovers really show the depth of TechArt’s work outside, inside, and under the hoods of these Porsche’s. Taste is highly subjective, but be sure: these TechArt …

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CarRevsDaily - Porsche Design Computer Mouse - Gadget Review 22

Comparo/Long-Term Test – Porsche Design Computermaus vs HP Elite

Mid-term Update: Stopped using Porsche mouse. Middle button too cumbersome, no side scroll, shoddy laser on wood desk. Also too small for my paw — makes me feel like a giant (because it is far too small of a mouse…) [Orig Published on: Dec 26, 2013 @ 22:16] This Porsche Design Computermaus rounded out a very lovely Christmas with the family this year. In white, this wireless silhouette is a personal favorite already. This piece is part of the Porsche Design – Driver’s Selection. But how does it feel? And how does it perform over the long haul? My current …

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2015 Porsche Macan - Latest Images - CarRevsDaily

Update1 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo and Macan S – Interior/Exterior Photos + Performance Specs

[Orig Published Nov 25, 2013 @ 10:47] The Porsche Macan is easily one of the most hotly-anticipated new models of the coming years. Porsche’s engineering and tech wizards have spent almost three years evolving the donor Audi Q5 platform to meet Weissach’s exacting performance requirements. The Q5 is already a rocket-ship with its supercharged (Porsche-designed…) V6 engine configuration – which bodes well for a future Macan Turbo S being the first sub-4-second SUV to 60 MPH. Beastly and rapid as the big Cayenne Turbo, SRT Grand Cherokee, and even the 4.4-second new Range Rover Sport are – none has been …

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Powerkit for Porsche 911 Carrera S

Powerkit for Porsche 911 Carrera S – Sport Classic Engine Upgrades Bring Rumble Exhaust

For many Porsche 911 owners, the rumble from out back becomes one of the car’s most loved and central features. Far more than a gimmick, the 911 breathes directly from the wind ‘backflow’ at the rear of the car at high speeds.   Ideally, the Carrera S Powerkit will sound much like the Sport Classic below: Like it’s own pressure chamber, the spoiler’s effectiveness is required to channel that cold air directly into this once-air-cooled engine setup. 430HP is on tap, a jump from 400. Classic 911 RS Wind tunnel Image credit: Stuttcars.com Sidebar: found this on Pinterest yesterday via …

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2014 Porsche 911 Targa4 and Targa4S - Roof Animations of 400HP Surf 'n Turf Supercar 3

2014 Porsche 911 Targa4 and Targa4S – Roof Animations of 400HP Surf ‘n Turf Supercar

Any readers recall the flip-book from Mitsubishi when launching the 3000GT Spyder in 1995? Such a simple idea: 100 pages of roof in sequence while retracting. But that little red flipbook made the 3000GT Spyder the star of the year’s auto shows. If there were ever a car whose features would benefit from a CarRevsDaily animation, it must be the new 911 Targa. The 911 Targa and Porsche’s 360-degree spinners are perfect inspirations for a modern-day “moving picture” of the Targa’s showpiece. Far more than just the elaborate moonroof of the most recent previous-gen Targa models — this is a …

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RM Auctions Paris Feb 2014 - 1982 Porsche 956 Group C Sports-Prototype 13

RM Auctions – Paris 2014 Preview Series, Part2 – 1982 Porsche 956-004 Group C

What would happen if the long-body racers from the late 1960s could be made stronger, lighter and 3X as quick around corners? Turbocharging and advanced aerodynamics in this 956 Group C racer were paramount to winning championships – as were high-speed pace and near-unbreakable reliability. It added up to a world-beating racing program for much of the 1980s for Porsche. The dream is very much alive today – with 620-horsepower and fantasy track thrills – and will be auctioned on February 5, 2014 in Paris by RM Auctions. 1982 Porsche 956 Group C Sports-Prototype – To be auctioned on Wednesday, …

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RM Auctions - Paris 2014 Previews - 1969 Lola T70 Mk IIIb by Sbarro20

RM Auctions – Paris 2014 Preview Series, Part1 – 1969 Lola T70 Mk IIIb by Sbarro

Wow. RM Auctions had a record year in 2013, with a top-five list so classy there are barely any non-Duesenbergs. But things are even brighter so far in 2014. The Porsche below is one example. 1961 Porsche 718 RS 61 Spyder – Sold for $2,750,000 on Thursday, January 16, 2014   Chassis no. 718-066 Engine no. P90316 This is part one in a series of articles highlighting a handful of favorites ahead of the Place Vauban on February 5th from 5pm. A selection of the 50-plus cars being sold that night will be on display February 4th, after the International …

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Classic Porsche Face Off - White 1972 911S vs Black 1967 911S Targa

Road Scholars in Raleigh, NC – White 1972 911S vs Black 1967 911S Targa

Which would win your heart? The white 911S packs a bit more street charisma up front, but the “Soft Window” Targa from 1967 is much, much rarer. The Targa seller’s ad notes that only 483 of these models were imported in 1967 – the only year it was offered. Pricing is $215,000 for the Targa, and upon inquiry for the white 911S. As Porsche is finalizing the next-gen 911 Targa, that brushed-alloy roll hoop is about to skyrocket in popularity. Both 911s are extremely desirable and about as flawless as can be had from 100-percent authentic and original Porsche 911s. …

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Financial Windfall? Dow 16,000 Car Shopping? Porsche 911 Carrera C4S

What a year! As the world turns, 2013 has been a doozy on almost all counts. In any other market, bonuses doled out in early January would be modest at best. Typical golden handcuffs of some kind… like future equity, etc. But not this year. Not with a stock market more bullish than — cue the announcer voice-over and drumroll — Your Very Own, ChicagoBULLS! So in this year, hopefully your numbers are moving in the right direction. 2014 is set to be a major global comeback period, with big bets already placed. Who are we betting in? The last …

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Concept Flashback – 2012 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

The Panamera Sport Turismo Concept is still quite miraculous, even more than a year since its initial debut. Widely believed to preview the 2014 Panamera facelift, the Sport Turismo has had an even larger impact on a different model altogether: the Macan. Much of the creamy and smooth surfacing, huge rear arch bulges, and the nose treatment all directly previewed the handsome new Macan S and Macan Turbo models. From the start of the Sport Turismo’s media tour, Porsche insisted that this model could appear as a new body style for the second-gen Panamera. It was hard to believe at …

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Snapper Showcase: ItzKirb Captures the Wild Graphics of this Porsche 911 GT3 RS

ItzKirb Photography strikes again! These GT3 RS photos are dazzling, and will warm the hearts of car lovers everywhere on this chilly Monday morning. Be sure to check out ItzKirb’s Facebook page for all his latest exotic cars and exotic babes – of which he seems to have an endless supply of both! https://www.facebook.com/itzkirb There is even on of the artist himself, pondering his subject. Thanks Kirby! Tallpapers

CarRevsDaily - 2014 Porsche Panamera Buyers Guide - Exteriors 50

2014 Porsche Panamera Buyers Guide – Facelift + Three New LWB Models

The Porsche Panamera is a revelation. This is a car that draws in comments from strangers on a daily basis. And when the strangers are not approaching you to fawn over the Porsche, they are watching the car’s every detail as it rockets down the roads and highways of the world. The Panamera is, perhaps, the coolest sedan every made. Yes, yes – I am a big Porsche fan and have been for most of my life. But even so, Porsche’s brilliant execution of the Panamera really makes this a 928S — updated for 2020 and beyond. Among the eleven …

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2015 Porsche Macan - Latest Images - CarRevsDaily

2015 Porsche Macan S from $49,900 – Is This Your Next Car?

My next car? I write about cars all day, every day. But rarely am I so overcome with desire. I want to own, drive, bash, coddle, wash, wax and detail the Macan. I want this Porsche in my garage. So, I ask myself… Is my next car? Is this Your next car? Perhaps in 2020 the Macan will be within reach, financially, for thisguy. Sigh. If your fortunes are better, be careful with this next part. WARNING: These Huge Macan S and Macan Turbo Porsche Wallpapers Are Gorgeous ****May Cause Customizations and Involuntary Pre-Orders**** 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo – Exterior …

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Supercar Showcase: 2014 Audi R8 V8

If any supercar would be perfect for one of my “Fun” Car GIFs, it is the 2014 Audi R8! Some blue-sky thinking earlier: what supercar would I buy with my own money, or feel so strongly about to recommend it to a close family friend? Supercar is a broad term. Let us say: super $150,000 and available from a relatively mainstream manufacturer (with a broad dealer network), for ease of servicing. Not a 911 Turbo or GT-R, for the sake of argument. Today’s dream-car answer? The 2014 Audi R8 V8. Not the V10 or the V10 Plus. Just the humble …

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CarRevsDaily - Porsche 917 and 2014 LMP1

When In Doubt: Porsche. LMP1 Glory Past, Present and Future

Porsche will fly twin missions under the Volkswagen Group. But only four letters really matter: LMP1 As the production cars division spreads the 911 ethos across a wide variety of new body styles over the next decade, vehicles with a Porsche badge will come in all sorts of new shapes and prices. Along with this proliferation of bad-ass sports cars? Winning the world’s toughest and most-respected race of any kind. Swimming laps? No. Running laps? No. No Olympic athletes are asked to perform for 24 hours in a row. The reason? Ostensibly, it cannot be done. Many have said the …

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959 Vorserie Animated Car GIF

1985 Porsche 959 Vorserie [pilot] from RM Auctions – Fun Car Gifs

1985 Porsche 959 Vorserie [pilot] from RM Auctions – Fun Car Gifs Enjoy this slow-motion GIF of the all-time hero 959 from 1985. Vorserie indicates pre-production, so this was one of the first customer-ready cars from this incredible series. This 959 sold for $737,000 in 2013 by RM auctions, and is worth every penny.   As always, right-click to download like any other image! Here is a shorter version that is under 2MB.                 Original images thanks: RM Auctions