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Concept Flashback – 1992 Oldsmobile Aerotech V8 Delivered 270MPH VMax

The first Aerotech concepts from 1987/1988 aimed to launch the new Quad4 engine with a bang: via a hypercar record-breaker with amazing low-drag and lightweight design. The two original Aerotech concepts showed exciting design ideas for 1990s GM models like the Camaro and Firebirds of 1992, plus some cool cabin tech like a clear heads-up display panel and single-seat layout. The third goal? A really cool Oldsmobile brand builder. This was even more sought-after in 1992. Oldsmobile updated and revamped the Aerotech to include modern shrouded lighting, an even more streamlined design, and more pronounced Oldsmobile branding. This resulting car …

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Concept Flashback – 1987 Oldsmobile Aerotech Short-Tail and 1988 Aerotech Long-Tail

The 1987 and 1988 Oldsmobile Aerotech concepts were a high-speed R&D showcase, branding exercise and new engine launch in one. The hypercar style of the car was a direct result of the engineering goals: to help this 160-horsepower Quad4 engine power the car to a world-record top speed. 160-horsepower? Surely that would never be enough to hit 200-mph? In fact, the car hit 267.99-mph the day before setting the official closed-course world record on 257-mph on August 27, 1987. A short-tail Aerotech ST wears full venturi air channels under a flipped-up and chopped rear end. This short-tail wore a single …

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