Update1 – 2014 Lexus LFC2 Concept Cabrio Is Truly Miraculous – A Design So Beautiful It Makes Audi Weep

 A design to make Audi weep? Yes indeed. The Lexus LFC2 made a huge splash today in LA as a highly stylized and clever look at a future RC convertible. But while the main proportions and packaging say RC very clearly, the detailing is divine and clever and fresh from all sides. Let’s break out nsome favorite elements, starting at the nose. Here, we have a very cool and chic interpretation of the RC’s singleframe grille — but this time with elegant waterfall elements flowing cleanly into the F Sport style of zig-zag lines in the lower portion. It is …

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lfc2 gif

Holy Wow! Lexus LF-C2 Teasing RC350 Convertible Ahead of LA Show

  On first glance at this exciting teaser image – we thought for a moment this might be a drop-top LF-A like seen below in the previous Concept Flashback article. But on further analysis, we have a strong hunch that this is the new Lexus RC in convertible form. Very exciting – stay tuned for the full details. What do we know so far from transparency analysis? It is definitely an RC. But it is not the RC-F based on the nose, which does not show the larger hood bulge of the RC-F. The Lexus RC350 Convertible and even an …

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