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Jeep Wrangler BEV concept

Jeep Wrangler Magneto Headlines Easter Jeep Safari, First Wrangler BEV Establishes Off-Road Chops

When Jeep first teased the Magneto, we had no idea what exactly Jeep had up its sleeve. FCA/Stellantis was always behind the eight ball when it came to developing battery technology, and we weren’t too sure if the Magneto would be a pure electric offering or if it would be some sort of hybrid offering. But as it turns out, Jeep engineers did have a green surprise and revealed that the Magneto will be the first BEV Wrangler ever made.   Electrifying The Trails For the moment, the Magneto exists as a one-off concept creation, but as the name implies, …

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Stellantis Files Trademark For Magneto Moniker, Could It Be Name For Wrangler BEV?

We’ll admit Jeep and Stellantis did a good job catching our attention when they revealed that a Wrangler EV concept would be making its debut soon. But we were left with more questions than answers since Jeep chose only to release two shadowy images and a brief teaser video of the Wrangler EV buried in the brand’s “The Road Ahead” website. But a newly discovered patent filing suggests that we could at least get a hint into what the concept will be called with the Magneto name making its appearance.   Magneto Makes Us Run For Our X-Men Comics When …

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