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GMC Releases Early Design Sketch Of Hummer SUT, Showcases Edgier Design For Pickup

The General Motors Design Instagram page has recently become a welcoming fountain of information. This arm of GM’s broader social media empire has occasionally teased us with many very interesting sketches, typically of vehicles that are still in the distant future or relics from the past. However, GM Design decided to focus on the present and released an early design sketch of the Hummer EV pickup that never made it off the drawing board.   Edgier Design Could’ve Added More Tesla DNA To Design The sketch in question limits our view to the rear of the Hummer, but while some …

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GMC Goes Full Circle With Hummer EV SUV, Brings Zero Emissions To Family SUV

When GMC first unveiled the Hummer EV pickup, the brand neither confirmed nor denied plans were in the works for an SUV version. Fast forward to the 2021 March Madness tournament, and GMC officially confirmed that the Hummer SUV is for real and that it will be officially bringing the revived moniker full-circle in its quest to achieve true redemption in the eyes of a fuel-conscious world.   The Ultimate Zero Emissions Family Vehicle As the name and basic look imply, the 2024 Hummer EV SUV is the marriage of the truck’s EV technology with an SUV body. The exterior …

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2022 Hummer EV pickup takes center stage, 1,000 horsepower and innovation lead the way

It has been a long journey for GMC and the revived Hummer EV. We were originally supposed to see it back in summer, but the rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to retract those plans and postpone it. But with the colors of fall fully in bloom, GMC is at last ready to pull the covers off of the Hummer EV pickup. This bruiser comes packed to the gills with technology and innovation, but here are the key essentials that make this truck a true make it or break it gamble for GMC and GM as a …

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GMC Teases Open Air T-Tops, Massive Display Screen Also Emerges From The Shadows [Video]

When GM first began teasing the GMC Hummer EV pickup back in March, the company revealed that a key feature for the truck will be its removable glass roof panels. The truck was originally supposed to make its debut this week, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced GM to scrap those plans. However, that has not stopped the auto giant from continuing its meticulous tease of the new model, with the firm releasing a brand new teaser for the truck. Unlike last time, GMC trades the birds-eye view for a more traditional glimpse that is shot from within the EV. …

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