Morgan EV 3 Wheeler 12

2017 Morgan EV3 – Electric 3 Wheeler Is Streamliner Heaven

Exciting first look full reveal from Morgan today ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed: the iconic Three-Wheeler in electric form! Dubbed the EV3, this prototype is on the way to production with a weight loss of nearly 200-pounds versus the gasoline model, plus a much sportier handling balance. Why such a change in dynamics versus the normal 3 Wheeler? That model’s highly unusual engine placement ahead of the front axle creates some quite extreme forces on the chassis in hard driving. That huge polar movement around bends is part of what makes the 3 Wheeler such a joy to …

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2009 PAGANI Zonda R 62 copy

Hypercar Heroes – 750HP, 2.7s 2010 PAGANI Zonda R is 7 Minutes in Heaven

No study of hypercar heroes would be complete without the phenomenal Pagani Zonda R from 2009 to 2010. Just 15 examples of this hardcore track machine were produced, with pricing of around $2.5-million each. With typical Pagani thoroughness, the Zonda R’s creation is far more that a set of slick tires and lightweight carpet. As you can see from almost every angle, the Zonda R employs an all-new aerodynamic setup. Giant lower intake scoops and splitter could cut off a pedestrian at the ankles, with the sharp wedge of a carbon-fiber nose an effective cleaver to finish that dark job. …

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