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Comic Relief Time! 3-Part HD Video Review — Driving the Worst Car of the 21st Century — The 2003 Buick Century

Fatigued with Geneva hypercars yet? My hands and eyes are about to explode — so I think that is a yes for me. I have been typing since 4am today, so this might be it for a bit while I recharge my batteries. With the 2003 Century — these three videos confirmed a long-suspected fact: this Buick is named for ***last*** century versus this current one. Here is a very humorous and adjective-laden assessment of the absolutely wretched 2003 Buick Century, shot on my snazzy new GoPro Hero3+ as I learn how to take some better, more watchable-quality content. These …

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Mazda HAZUMI! Next Mazda2 Going Upscale With Deep KODO Shield Grille, LEDs and SkyActiv Technology

The Hazumi! If there were ever a cuter name that really syncs with the ZoomZoom ethos: it must be this. The Hazumi is a lightly-veiled look at the next Mazda2, which appears to move upmarket with a wider platform and far more appealing aesthetics. Pricing for this city car and its production variants are not known, but a 2015 model year Mazda2 seems like a smart bet. Deep bow to headlineauto.co.uk for the real-life images of this concept today in Geneva. Thanks!  

McLaren 650 Spider

We Called It! McLaren Sneaks 650S Spider into Geneva With 650S Coupe — Delicious Tarocco Orange

When you work alone and in almost a vacuum of feedback, you have to pat yourself on the back every once and a while. Sidebar: you also have to scratch your own back, and handle other appendages in a DIY way as well. But that is for a completely disgusting How-To article on a different website altogether =] Closing note: it looks like McLaren has finally nailed its signature McLaren Orange paint with the help of tech partner AkzoNobel. The new color is actually called Tarocco Orange — and is delightful in all lights and climates as a bright yellow/deep …

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RR Evoque Autobio

2015 Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Adds New Trims and 40HP, But US Arrival Unknown

The Geneva press days are about to be in full swing, so please accept less-thorough articles while all this hot new metal breaks cover. The 2015 Evoque Autobiography Dynamic trim is a welcome addition to the remarkably-stale Evoque in U.S. showrooms. Is it just me? This car was endlessly lauded in the UK as the ‘second coming’ — but as a result the company did not manage to get it on American roads until nearly two years later. (By which time it had lost most of its impressive launch momentum, and only faced hard critiques here of its $50,000 pricing …

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TechArt Showing 13 Mad Porsche Customs in Geneva + Exclusive 911 Noselift System for Tall Driveways

Geneva supercars? Again? Oh yes. TechArt is one of my favorite technical upgrade shops because their focus is primarily under the hood. Yes, they embellish their models with lurid body kits and wild colors: but that is only to show off the amazing power and grip solutions TechArt has done in the oily parts of these Porsches. A few all-stars are present and accounted-for in the TechArt Geneva lineup, with much focus these days on the Cayenne and Panamera. The 911 is not left out: TechArt’s upgraded 911’s also look good enough to kiss on the badge. TECHART unveils numerous …

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VW T-ROC — A High-Tech Jeep Wrangler for the Digital Age — Hot Style — Real 4WD — Removable Roof Panels

Another day, another concept for Geneva 2014! The show is set to be much more sales-focused this year: with regular-priced cars aiming for center stage alongside Geneva’s famed hypercar showstoppers. So, why Geneva? It is the right time of year, and almost perfectly-located for last-minute additions by Europe’s largest car companies. Or perhaps these concepts just were not completed in time for the other big shows. Whatever the case: the VW T-ROC is an exciting and production-feasible compact SUV that VW notes would slide into the price sheets just under the $26,000-$38,000 Tiguan. This T-ROC would round out the range …

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2014 Skoda Superb Outdoor and VisionC Concept for Geneva Causing Some Angular Euro Style Envy…

Skoda is becoming a real asset for the Volkswagen Group. Bought for a song as the Czech firm was failing in the 1980s — Skoda now commands a quite sizable market share in Europe’s most profitable markets. Skoda’s core selling points have really been popular among anti-fashion consumers. People who (claim to) value a vehicle for its merits, value and durability versus a fleeting style. Skoda is also a surprise, run-away success story in China. The latest cars from Skoda seem to take the next step in the brand’s evolution: a cheaper, more avant-garde ethos than even Audi can manage …

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2015 MINI Clubman Concept GIF

Sing-song Status — Geeeen-ee-vahh Is the Place To Be… 2015 Focus + MINI Clubman Join A-list Cast

As you may note, I am getting really stir crazy in my new digs down in South Carolina.   Even while I lived in the suburbs for the last six months of my time Chicago from 2005 to 2013 — I am really a pretty urban person. I moved from Wrigleyville to suburbs to be closer to the auto fleet offices. So, I just moved again!  To Charleston!  What is up with that? My family is here. Car-Revs-Daily.com is way ahead of schedule in terms of the broad launch flowcharts detailed December (post-kickstarter-flop). So. Big changes in my home office …

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Edited for Content: Bentley Changes Tack As World’s Oligarchs Go Into Hiding — 2015 Conti GT Speed Updated and Flying Spur V8 Launched

Oh, you are a comically-inept and hopelessly-corrupt politician? Riding high as some kind of monarchy cousin? News Flash: your constituents are tired of seeing your multiple Bentley’s running others off the road all over the world. Your stage winks last for 15 seconds of awkwardness as the kickback cashier’s check peeks from under your lapel? #Byezees. As Ukraine’s people write the blueprint for taking down these fat-cats — the rest of the world’s hate-regimes best take note: your time is rapidly running out. Very aware of the times, Bentley has updated two of its most important models in hopes of …

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Infiniti_Q50_Eau_Rouge 3 GIF

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Gunning for BMW M5 — High-Res Glory + Geneva Video Teases GT-R-like Engine Howl

The prospect of the Eau Rouge Infiniti Q50 just became much, much more tantalizing.  @TheRealAutoblog has discovered a brilliant tidbit of information: this car sounds turbocharged. This is news because no Q50 sedans are currently turbocharged. In fact, I do not think Infiniti has ever implemented turbo engines (so far). Aside from the Q45 and its well-known 278-horsepower V8, the first 1990-92 M30’s were V6-powered, as was 1993-1998 J30… and so on. The Q50 Eau Rouge does not just sound turbocharged. It sounds GT-R turbocharged. The GT-R has a particularly gruff but high-strung appeal to its engine and exhaust harmonies. …

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2015 Audi TT Sketches tile

All-New 2015 Audi TT Set for Geneva Debut — Design Sketches Show Evolutionary Approach + Butch Stance

  The latest Audi concepts are a bit dazzling — but often for all the wrong reasons. But even while the Sport Quattro loses appeal on its exterior, the interiors of this next-gen set of Audi sports cars might be the real news. A totally clean-sheet layout revamp brings an ultra-low and minimal front dashboard that is simply divine. Allroad Shooting Brake – 2014 Concept Interior: CES 2014 – SQ Concept Interior Will the TT be able to proudly join the Audi sports car family in this generation? Despite is alloy-intensive construction in the current generation of TT and TTS …

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New McLaren 650S Bridges $700,000 Price/Tech Gap Between 12C and P1 — First Orders Arrive Spring 2014

Surprising news from Woking today! It seems the more troubles the F1 team endures, the better the road cars get? No, just kidding. It is not nearly that simple. But while the McLaren F1 team has not won a race championship in too-many years — the supercar range from McLaren is better every day. The 650S surprised me because I thought the next car in line for McLaren was the P11, which is widely believed to be a bit cheaper and more accessible than the 12C. That is not this car. The 650S slots in above the 12C coupe and …

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All-New Renault Twingo Packs Rear Engine, Four Doors and Cute New Style 14

“Maybe The Twingo Ate Your Babee…” All-New Renault Twingo Packs Rear Engine, Four Doors and Cute New Style

The Twingo is a car we will likely never see on American shores. Even so, it is a favorite of almost all city-dwellers in Europe. Will they know the very silly Seinfeld reference in the headline? If not: [Interior, cocktail party. Heavy Australian accent and snarky grin] Elaine- Maybe the dingo ate your baby. The previous few generations of Twingo have virtually epitomized ‘cheap but cheerful’ style for city cars. It just seems like a car that is always having fun. Cheap ‘n cheerful is far better than the aging Aygo/C1/108 triplets — which might be better described as ‘cheap …

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