Hyundai Announces Launch Of All New Flying Car Division, Brings Flying Car Development In-House

Hyundai has certainly been making waves in recent years thanks in part to performance entries such as the Veloster N hot hatch, as well as the luxurious and massively versatile Palisade three row SUV. However, Hyundai has turned its collective gaze to the skies, and formally revealed that it plans to enter the developing world of flying cars. Hyundai is of course, not the first automaker to express interest in dabbling in the idea of a flying car for the masses. But, the Korean car giant IS the first automaker to actually create a distinct division just for this purpose. …

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2017 ItalDesign x Airbus Pop

2017 ItalDesign x Airbus Pop.Up – Concept Debrief

Maybe all those ‘flying car’ dreamers and visionaries were just too smart – by half. What if a self-piloted EV road module was left behind when your drone-copter arrives?  That self-driving EV skateboard could drive itself home or to meet you later at the office.  Meanwhile, your transport pod will be under the eight counter-rotating blades of the quad-copter above you? Pretty intense in how real this fantasy traffic-avoider feels.  Thrilled to have the big brains of Giugiaro and Airbus working together to flesh out the idea. Here is a crude animation of how this will work. The insight is rock solid: …

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